Skincare by mukk

by mukk is a sea-inspired skincare collection created with organic certified and plant-based ingredients. Their aim is effective skincare that is kind towards both, the body and the environment. 
Considerately produced in their studio on island Saaremaa. Independent production  allows them to produce per demand to avoid so-called dead stock and make sure to offer the freshest product possible. 
Saaremaa belongs to the worldwide UNESCO Men and Biosphere concluding unique areas around the world with peculiar traditions that have preserved its pure nature and enjoy crafts which are inspired by nature.
Inspired by the sea, by mukk formulas include various skin-building sea and algae extracts. Red algae is locally harvested from the coastline of their home island. Added probiotic technology allows producing without traditional preservatives and help to maintain the product and skin microflora.

As coastal inhabitants, by mukk looks out for new alternatives to use less plastic and focusing on recyclable materials and innovative ways to reduce environmental impact.