We prioritise the origins of the fabrics used in our collections and their impact on the environment. It's important to us that our materials meet stringent standards. That's why all our cotton and linen fabrics proudly bear the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label.


But what does this label signify?


The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally recognized, consistent, and independent testing and certification system that evaluates textile raw materials, finished fabrics, and end products at every stage of production. With the motto "Confidence in textiles," Oeko-Tex has become a worldwide symbol of responsible textile production, safety, and transparency. Oeko-Tex certification represents a significant stride towards reducing the use of harmful chemicals in the textile industry, and KÄT stands firmly behind this environmentally conscious initiative.

We also have fabrics with Circular Fabric Standard

Circular Fabrics are a reflection of nature: everything is a cycle. High quality designer fabrics, which would otherwise be destroyed are brought back into the fashion industry. Ciruclar Fabric Standard provides a second chance to premium fabrics coming from overproduction and dead-stock of prestigious brands, whose names are never disclosed.

Tasteful selection of precious fabrics mostly of Italian origin. All our reliable partners operate in accordance to international chemical restrictions and comply with our ethical code of conduct. To ensure reliability and transparency every incoming fabric undergoes a detailed inspection that guarantees all quality related information is correct and traceable in our system.

Circular Fabrics are better for the environment than any other sustainably certified fabric: zero resource consumption, zero emissions, zero disposal, and minimal energy use. Every year we are saving 500,000m of fabric. This equals the linear distance from Munich to Berlin. We are very proud of that!