Founder story

Creating KÄT was one of my dreams all along. I grew up with older boys playing soccer and always getting my knees & elbows hurt, but every day after kindergarten my girl time escape was a big clothing design and sewing factory owned by my aunt. So KÄT has always been in me.

I know I am different and that most of the times I stand out in the crowd. That is who I am and I am not afraid of it. I know that most designers look sleek, classy and like 30-year old superwomen. That is not me. I look like a 20+ free spirit with hints of maturity & femininity, hint of a girl who never wants or needs to grow up, a hint of luxury mixed with GNR’s t-shirt my dad gave me when I was 17. For me sport activities and feminine clothing always go together. I can wear that party dress on Wednesday morning if I want to, every day is a special occasion :)

This is the spirit I want every woman to experience while purchasing our products - to never let the young funky version of yourself to fade out with the grown up responsibilities. 

Yours truly,