Our studio is so beautiful we can not keep it just for ourselves.

If you are looking for a cool spot for your event - here it is! We can offer you our studio, event planning and also catering with our business partners (who hasn't heard of Karjase Sai or VLND Burger?).

Come and see yourself or contact us [email protected]


We should get a penny every time someone steps in our studio and says: “Oh my god, your studio has such a good vibe!” or “Wow, this is the coolest shop!” or “Never thought there is such a hidden treasure here in Kopli!” or “Your selection is so beautiful!”
And humbly say “Thank you!” but inside we agree and give a high-five to ourselves.




Ooh, well, that is sad. Nothing at the moment. 


Past events hosted at KÄT design studio

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS skate event
Sa nahka teed! leather workshop by Martin Kuum
wreath making workshop by Lillelausuja
Morning yoga sessions by Brenda Valtson
Bachelorette morning
Birthday party