About KÄT



Who am I? 


I am a woman who believes in having it all. I can be active, but nobody can make me wear sportswear – I go skating in my flowy dress or my pinstripe suit. Why? Because I can. I am a free spirit with hints of maturity, hint of femininity, hint of warmness, hint of a girl who never wants or needs to grow up. I am a dash of luxury, a dash of a hippie, a dash of class mixed with Guns N' Roses t-shirt my dad gave me when I was 17.


Life is fun. Life is good. Life is kind. And so are KÄT designs.


All the garments are designed and created in Estonia, that means everyone is fairly priced. KÄT is also a member of Fur Free Retailers, because we love our fuzzy friends.



KÄT skating