Kät journal: Introduction

Mothers Day is here!
Hi, my name is Kätlin and I am the designer of KÄT.
At this very moment I am sitting on a balcony in a small village in Australia, kinda funny regarding everything that is going on in the world. I could not find a better way to start this blog but to dedicate this first one to our brave mothers. 
I am one of those lucky ladies who has the sweetest & kindest mom and I have two awesome aunts, so it hurts my heart that I have to celeberate Mother’s day without them here. Living so far away for the past months makes you understand and appreciate your people, they do not always have to be blood-tyed family members, you create your own while growing up - your friends become your family. Parents do a great job of whom to choose or block out from your life. 


I am 30 years old, “in the perfect age of creating my own copy-Kätlin’s”, but I feel I am not done with exploring and growing as a person. My mother has always been there for me and I know I can count on her no matter what. I bet she does not understand how lucky I am to have a bulletproof vest on thanks to her and I know that one day I can be a kickass mom like her. 
Creating copyKÄT merch was something I’ve been wanting to do a long time ago. Our clients are mostly those awesome unstoppable powermoms, so it was my goal to do something for them and their cute children to share. We chose to combine our KÄT magic with a company that values the climate, people and work behind making clothing as much as we do. The fabrics are not only good against your skin, they are also Earthpositive and positivity towards nature and people is something we have to think about more. I am so proud that these KÄTwomen felt the same way about our brand and merch that they were willing to come and have a fun photoshoot together. Now I just wish their mothers would be on the photo as well, cause we are all kinda copyKÄTs of our dearest parents as well. Or with the fathers, cause all our T-shirts are unisex.
So for not making this first post too long, all I want to say is, respect your parents, siblings, your kids and friends. They are all here to teach us something. We have to be thankful for what we have, what we have accomplished and just enjoy it. Sometimes it feels like everyone is working too damn hard to get somewhere (so did I) and forget enjoying the small moments and the people we choose to have around us.
Alright then, finished with the second coffee and off to smell the air and enjoy the day!
Happy Mother’s day, ladies! 
Thank’s for staying with KÄT and see you soon with our next post :)