KÄT journal: Kalana! Dear, Kalana.

We had the most amazing photoshoot in one of the coolest places in Estonia - Kalana. 


This place reminds me so much of Australia - small beach houses near the sea, friendly people, best vibe to chill and let's not forget about the waves that take you surfing. I felt like I did not want to leave and I did stay longer, cause when you flow in a positive mindset, don't get down from it too quickly, never know what great ideas might get flowing. 


We went on an small island called Hiiumaa and actually camped there for two days. The photoshoot was for our new brand image, as it was time we finally said it out loud - NO MORE BORING OFFICEWEAR! Yes, my ladies, it was time to break the waves and design for the women we really are - inspiring, free, fun and feminine. We have been moving towards this already a year and now we stay true to this new design and image. 


Here are some hints that Johanna made during our photoshoot. Just to tease you a bit and pass on that epic story we had. Oh and let's not forget about our lovely painter-surfer-model-inspiration Britt! We are so thankful she was willing to chill with us and wear KÄT, could not think of a better person to present our clothing. And big thanks to our photographer Renee Altrov - your magical eye will definitely pass on the magic we had those days. 


Enjoy these backstage shots and stay tuned for the new KÄT.
Yours truly,