KÄT story


Who am I? 

I am a woman who believes in having it all. I can be active, but nobody can make me wear sportswear – I go skating in my flowy dress or my pinstripe suit. Why? Because I can. I am not afraid to be looked at, because I do not really worry about other people's opinions. I care about more important things. Yes, I care about the nature. Yes, I care about the worries of the world. But I also care how I feel when I look in the mirror or how I feel when I am doing the things I love. You see, I also care about how clothing makes me feel because clothes – how they feel when I put them on or when they fall off at night – let me be free.

I know I am different, I know that I stand out in the crowd. That is who I am and today I am not afraid of it. I know there are people who expect me to be that sleek and classy 30-year-old superwoman. But that’s not me. I am a free spirit with hints of maturity, hint of femininity, hint of warmness, hint of a girl who never wants or needs to grow up. I am a hint of a luxury, a hint of a hippie, a hint of class mixed with Guns N' Roses’ T-shirt my dad gave me when I was 17.

So who am I?

I am a woman who never lets her passion fade. I may dream like a little girl, have an energy of a teenager, but I’m always determined as a woman. So is KÄT. KÄT designs are made for women like me – women who never let their age and society define who they are. Life is fun. Life is good. Life is kind. And so are KÄT designs.


Let's talk about basics:

KÄT was created 2015 by our head designer Kätlin.

In 2019 stylist & singer Johanna joined the brand to help create the brand visual and give more funk for KÄT. She is a cool bitch! Enough said.

All the garments are designed and created in Estonia, that means everyone is fairly priced and we know that they enjoy as much making KÄT products as we love designing them. Our fabrics are sourced from companies that care about their workers, nature and well-being. KÄT is also a member of Fur Free Retailers, because we love our fuzzy friends.